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Landry Laughs at Budget Cut Hurt | polyfeministix

Landry Laughs at Budget Cut Hurt | polyfeministix

Landry Laughs at Budget Cut Hurt

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Budget 2014

Question time 26/05/14, Tanya Plibersek, asked a question about our
electorate and Michelle Landry, Member for Capricornia. The question was
as follows:

My question is to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister,
There are 8429 families currently receiving Family Tax Benefit B in the
seat of Capricornia. How many families with children over the age of six
in Capricornia will have their payments cut as a result of this budget?
Why should these families suffer because of the Member for
Capricornia’s failure to stand up against the Prime Minister’s cuts?

The PM didn’t respond to the implications of the cuts. In fact, he showed no empathy at all. He accused Labor of supporting welfare as “pseudo-generosity.”
What he is saying is Labor gives to those in need, but is not genuine
in that giving. That this ‘giving’ shouldn’t be taken seriously. He has
clearly stated in response to a serious question about this electorate,
that he finds welfare to the disadvantaged as ‘generosity’ and not a

Member for Capricornia & LNP believe in a class divide. They clearly
believe it will be OK for parents not to be able to afford a balanced
healthy lunch for their school children. That they may need to make a
decision between a child’s breakfast or lunch. They don’t understand the
importance of being able to afford the right school supplies and
uniforms. They don’t realise the pain a parent feels when they say, “No
honey, I’m sorry, you can’t go on that excursion.” Or, I’d love for you
to join a sport with your friends, or take singing lessons for the
Eisteddfod, but I’m sorry you just can’t.” 
 Michelle Landry’s LNP sees the money that prevents this pain as an unnecessary generosity and not a right to the disadvantaged.

LNP makes decisions from a background of privilege and they will never
understand the hardship that the loss of even small amounts of money
brings to some families.

The PM then told Labor they should cut the carbon tax, as it will save families $550 per year.

During the question, the camera panned to Ms. Landry. It
showed Ms. Landry quite pleased with herself and she was laughing at the
Prime Minister’s response to this very serious question.

Landry was laughing at harsh cuts that will see two parents both working
as for example, shop assistants or a general labourer and an admin
assistant, with two children, lose $4931 per year; or the jobseeker
under 30, who will lose an incredible $6944 per year and have absolutely
no income for six months. This person will not have any income for even
a basic existence or the basic right to dignity. They will lose a lot
more than $550, which is already compensated.

Ms. Landry be brave enough when she gets back from the rigours of
parliament, to stand up in public and laugh in front of the people who
are suffering these harsh cuts, or will she have the decency to stand up
to this Government and for the people of Capricornia?

have also sent this a a letter to the Editor of the Rockhampton Morning
Bulletin in response to the question about the affect the budget will
have on families in the electorate I live in.  I hope it is published so
the people in the electorate of Capricornia who voted LNP, understand
that they voted for Ms. Landry to bring pain and hardship to this

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